Asking for help can be daunting or intimidating. This platform provides anonymous support and resources to make it that little bit easier to reach out and say:



Strong relationships with others are an essential part of building resilience and boosting wellbeing.

Evidence shows that CONNECTING with others including colleagues, friends, whānau and the wider community promotes wellbeing, and helps build a support network for when times get tough.

Being curious and seeking out new experiences positively stimulates the brain.

Setting goals, being open to new ideas and continuing to LEARN throughout life helps boost wellbeing and build resilience.

Being physically active every day is great for our bodies and minds.

As well as improving physical health and fitness, being ACTIVE can also improve our mood and overall mental wellbeing, and decrease stress, depression and anxiety.

Giving makes us feel good. Carrying out acts of kindness, whether small or large, can increase happiness, life satisfaction and general sense of wellbeing.

GIVING is more than just sharing material things with others. It’s about cultivating a spirit of generosity and actively supporting others.

Paying more attention to the present moment, to thoughts and feelings and to the world around us can boost our wellbeing.

Using ATTENTION to increase awareness, concentration, and focus on the current moment and the task at hand, has been shown to improve wellbeing and mood.


Need to talk to someone? Our live chat is avaliable 24/7 if you are feeling in need of a chat. Simply click the button below and you will be connected to one of our live agents - completely anonymously.


If you or someone you know requires immediate medical assistance, please dial 111 now.
If you are in a crisis and need help, call one of the hotlines below to be connected to a specialist.


Everyone needs help from time to time. Here, we have collected a number of helpful resources and organisations that you can contact if you are feeling overwhelmed or in need of some support.

1737 Org

Text: 1731

This is a new NZ wide organisation that connects people in distress with trained counsellors for free 24/7. Call or text 1737 to connect.


Call: 0800 543 354 (O800 LIFELINE

Test: 4357(HELP)

Support for all New Zealanders experiencing suicidal thoughts, and for people worried about someone's mental wellbeing or safety.

Depression NZ

Call: 0800 111 757

Test: 4202

Support for people suffering from or feeling depression-like symptoms, including support for Maori and Pasifika people.

Youthline NZ

Call: 0800 376 633

Test: 234

A hotline providing NZ youth and their whanau in distress with support, advice and access to resources.


0800 726 666

Support line for people with feelings of depression, loneliness and suicide.

Mental Health Foundation


Resources and information for people experiencing, or know someone experiencing challenges to their mental health and wellbeing.

Netsafe NZ


Advice on how to stay safe online and protect mental wellbeing online.